Wakefield Regional Council

Feedback and Complaints

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We welcome feedback from the community - whether it's a complaint you'd like to pass on, or a compliment for a service provided.

Your feedback can help us deliver programs, projects and services that meet community expectations and support our efforts to drive greater customer satisfaction.

Complaint handling 

Our Customer Complaints Policy and related Procedure show how we aim to provide a fair, consistent and structured process for customers if they are dissatisfied with a Council action, decision or service.

A person can make a complaint in a number of ways: by telephone, email or written letter; by visiting our Balaklava office or by filling out a Complaint Form.

We will try our best to resolve your complaint quickly, at the first point of conduct. However, for more detailed or complex matters, we may need a little more time. We take all complaints seriously and will manage them in line with the policy and procedure we have in place.


Our Whistleblowers Protection Policy describes how a person can make a disclosure, under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993, about misconduct, maladministration or corrupt activity by a public officer.   

We will investigate all appropriate disclosures of public interest information in a manner which promotes fair and objective treatment for all those involved and take all reasonable steps to protect a whistleblower from any form of harassment, intimidation, discrimination or threat of reprisal that may occur as a result of making a disclosure.