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Health & Wellbeing

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Wakefield Regional Council strives to protect and promote a high standard of public and environmental health within the Council area.
Council's Environmental Health Officer has a responsibility to inspect and monitor the environment, health and hygiene of public services, to ensure compliance with the legislation and protect the community. Areas of concern for Council include food safety and hygiene, environmental protection, pollution prevention, public health investigations and vector control. 
If you have any concerns regarding public health, please contact the Council office by phoning 8862 0800, or emailing admin@wrc.sa.gov.au
Recreation, Sport and Open Spaces Strategy

The Recreation, Sport and Open Space Strategy developed in 2014 was supported through grant funding from the Office for Recreation and Sport and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. In 2017, the current Starclub Field Officer Giles Ellis consulted with each Council in the Lower Mid North Region to consider Council achievements, recognise future opportunities and identify desired changes to the Strategy.


This report was revised on February 2018 
YP and Lower Mid North Region - Recreation, Sport and Open Space Strategy(8967 kb)


OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle)
A program supporting children through families, businesses and communities to live an active healthy lifestyle.

Admittedly with new engaging devices available, it is a struggle to ask kids to be active and play the old fashioned way. With that in mind OPAL was established in 2009 to combat obesity and sedentary lifestyle issues arising in the young generation.

OPAL is a fantastic initiative with a high focus on developing themes and activities for kids to encourage outdoor play and learn healthy eating practices. Active healthy children are happy children with more confidence, stronger bones, and at less risk of developing diabetes and cholesterol issues.

Council knows the importance of guiding children towards a healthy direction in life. As a result we have joined the OPAL Network and will support the initiative beyond when State Government funding ceases June 2017. Councils within South Australia and Northern Territory have joined the Network to keep the legacy alive and continue to support young people.

As a member of the network we will have access to OPAL training, over 5000 projects, branding and methodology. Access to these services will enable us to effectively flow information to our community, benefiting the local children.

Many more activities will arise from the OPAL Mid North team and we look forward to their next creative event. Be aware of upcoming OPAL events and keep your kids busy by joining OPAL’s facebook page
For more information on OPAL, visit the OPAL website.

If your community has an idea or project and would like assistance through provision of information, please contact Council on 8862 0800 or email admin@wrc.sa.gov.au.