Wakefield Regional Council

Workshops/Information Sessions & Informal Gatherings

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Workshops, information sessions and informal gatherings of Elected Members, or Elected Members and council staff are, by their nature, a non-compulsory meeting of the council.

These sessions are designed to provide history, context or additional information to assist council members to carry out their functions.

Members of the public are able to attend as observers only and are not to take part in the discussion. 

Any workshops, information sessions or informal gatherings closed to the public will be specified and will include a reason.

August 7 2019
.pdf Informal Gathering - Elected Member Workshop - 7 August 2019 Agendas
July 4 2019
.pdf Informal Gathering - Council Meeting Procedures Workshop - 4 July 2019 Agendas
June 26 2019
.pdf Informal Gathering - Confidential Workshop - 26 June 2019 Agendas
March 27 2019
.pdf Informal gathering - Budget Workshop - 27 March 2019 Agendas