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Whether you are just starting out in business, looking to move into the Wakefield region or an established business looking for information, Council welcomes your inquiries. Feel free to contact us for any initial discussions and we'll see if we can point you in the right direction.

Here are some useful business links:

Regional Development Australia - Yorke & Mid North - works in partnership with business owners and the community to provide hands-on support, resources and advice.

Planning & Development - Council information to support any planning or development processes 

SA Health - includes a range of information for employers, managers and businesses 

Department of State Development - supports industry, business and communities to grow the State's economy

Australian Securities & Investments Commission - includes information and guides for starting up or managing a business 

Food hygiene - includes Council information for food handling businesses

Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastcuture - has a focus on economic development opportunities  

Support for Small Business - an advocacy-support group aiming to create a fairer and more competitive small business sector.