End the freeze! Help councils get funding back

The Financial Assistance Grant freeze has cost Wakefield Regional Council over $180,000.

The Financial Assistance Grants are a payment from the Australian Government to local councils. The purpose of the grant is for councils to invest in maintaining services for local residents and ratepayers. Councils rely on this funding to provide their communities with much needed facilities and services including local roads, bridges, parks, swimming pools, libraries, community halls and community groups.

The Financial Assistance Grants were frozen during the 2014 Federal Budget. During the freeze (and removal of Supplementary Road Funding) it has cost Wakefield Regional Council in excess of $180,000. State-wide it has cost councils around $90 million over the past three years.

Ceasing the freeze was indicated in last year’s Australian Government Budget however, to date, the local government sector has not received guarantee grants will return in the upcoming 2017/18 Federal Budget.

Help end the freeze by emailing your local Federal MP using the template available on the website https://endthefreeze.good.do/restoreindexation/email/

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