Wakefield Regional Council

Rodney “back on board” as Mayor for four more years

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“It’s good to be back on board,” Mayor Reid said. “I’m very humbled to be serving for another four years.”

Mayor Rodney Reid will lead Wakefield Regional Council until 2022 after being re-elected unopposed.
This is Mayor Reid’s second term in the position and he says he’s driven by the opportunity to continue his work serving the community, pushing forward the strategic direction of Council, and championing town pride.
“It’s good to be back on board,” he said. “I’m very humbled to be serving for another four years.”
Mayor Reid said he would carry on his style of approach to the role and would continue to spread himself across the whole district, attending as many local events and gatherings as he can, while maintaining his ‘hands-on’ attitude to volunteering and community work.
“I’m passionate about working for the community and with community committees to build a happy and prosperous future for our residents,” he said.
Mayor Reid is proud of the Wakefield region and treasures its heritage, commitment to mateship and its resilient nature.
It’s not unusual to see him busy volunteering throughout the community, whether it be pruning roses and tending to public garden beds outside his local post office or helping set up Balaklava Courthouse for functions.
Outside of his duties as mayor, he’s the Treasurer and Secretary of Owen Hall and Treasurer of the Plains Community Churches, which incorporates Hamley Bridge, Owen and Windsor community churches.
“I can’t wait to see what the next four years have in store for us as a region.”