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Community grants

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What do you want for Wakefield? Our community grants provide funding for innovative projects and activities that foster community development in the areas of arts and culture, community participation or recreation. 

For more information please contact Holly Cowan, Community Development Officer on (08) 88620810 or email admin@wrc.sa.gov.au.

Community Grants Guidelines(2794 kb)


Community Benefit Grant Program 

The Community Benefit Grant Program will provide funding for up to $5,000 for equipment, materials or resources where applicants can demonstrate that the goods will support the delivery of services or programs within the Wakefield Regional Council area.

WRC - Grant Application Form Benefit 2018 (editable)(123 kb) 


Community Water Scheme Grant Program 

The Community Water Scheme Grant Program will provide funding for up to $2,500 for watering of grassed playing surfaces (bowling greens, ovals etc.) and up to $5,000 for water expenses for the Balaklava, Owen and Hamley Bridge swimming pools.

WRC - Grant Application Form Water Scheme (editable) 2018(106 kb)  


Community Infrastructure Grant Program
The objective of the Community Infrastructure Program is to encourage and support community organisations to maintain, develop and/or upgrade important community infrastructure facilities that are located within the Wakefield Regional Council area. The Program will provide funding for the planning, development and maintenance of sustainable, inclusive, functional and fit for purpose community infrastructure facilities that meet the current and future needs of the Wakefield Regional Council community.
CIP grants offer up to $25,000 to applicable organisations. A further $2,500-$5,000 is available through the Community Water Scheme and $5,000 through the Community Benefit Program for equipment, materials and resources. Successful projects for all three programs must demonstrate that they will assist in meeting the needs of the Wakefield Regional Council community.

WRC - Grant Application Form Infrastructure (editable) 2018(237 kb)

All enquiries and applications should be addressed to:

Community Development Officer

Wakefield Regional Council

PO Box 167



08 8862 0800

Applications for Community Grants Program 2018/19 are now closed.