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Our draft 2018/19 Annual Business Plan and Budget – along with our draft Long Term Financial Plan 2018/19-2027/28 - have been endorsed by Council for public consultation.

Community consultation is open until 5pm on Friday 13 July 2018.  

Read our media release about these plans or click on the links below to read the full plans. 


Read the plans 

Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2018/19-2027/28

  • A 10 year plan to express in financial terms the activities that the Council proposes to undertake over the medium to longer term to achieve its stated objectives

Draft Annual Business Plan 2018/19

  • The Annual Business Plan and Budget guides Council's activities so that we can make the best possible progress towards meeting the objectives outlined in our Strategic Management Plan.


Review of Strategic Management Plan 2017-2022

Preparation of the Council’s 2018-19 financial management plans provided an opportunity to undertake a minor review of the priorities and timeframes in the Strategic Management Plan2017-2022 in light of our changing environment, including a new state government and a new Yorke and Mid North Regional Roadmap 2018-2028.

The 2018 review has been minor in nature as legislation requires that a major review be undertaken following local government elections in November 2018.

Strategic Management Plan 2018 Review

  • The reviewed Plan has been endorsed by Council for public consultation and feedback is welcome until 5pm on Friday 20 July 2018.  


How to make a submission:

  • Complete a submission on Council’s website below 
  • Send us an email to admin@wrc.sa.gov.au, with the subject line ‘Feedback’ and the name of the plan on which you wish to make a comment
  • Write to us as PO Box 167 Scotland Place Balaklava SA 5461 and address your letter to the Chief Executive Officer, Wakefield Regional Council

Please indicate in your submission if you would like to make a representation to be heard at Council or ask questions of Council at its meeting of Wednesday 25 July 2018.

If you have any questions in relation to the plans, please contact us via email admin@wrc.sa.gov.au or by phone on 8862 0800.


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