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VET Student of the Year Awards

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Students and awards

Every year Wakefield Regional Council calls for vocational students who have made a strong committment to their study and who have gone above and beyond the requirements of their course to nominate themselves for the Annual VET Student of the Year Award. 

Held in early December, nominations are open to any student currently studying a VET course and attending a school in our Council district. 

To learn how to nominate download the Student Pack below. 

For further information and more details email us at admin@wrc.sa.gov.au or call (08) 8862 0800.

The VET Student Awards are not  yet  open for 2018.

VET Student Award Forms 

Student Pack

Workplace trainer 

VET Coordinator 

Workplace Supervisor


All submissions are to be sent to admin@wrc.sa.gov.au or handed into our office on 1 Scotland Place, Balaklava PO Box 167.